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The Rosedale Neighborhood in Austin TX, managed by the Rosedale Neighborhood Association
This mailing list is a place where Rosedale neighbors can discuss local topics, ask a question or for a recommendation, tell about local incidents, and make suggestions, or give something away. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, these resources can help you keep up with what’s going on in the neighborhood. This list is managed by the Rosedale Neighborhood Association. ==================================== Posting guidelines for Rosedale's mailing lists This message is sent out periodically to remind all subscribers to the Rosedale mailing list of the policies that should guide postings to the list. ------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the mailing list for the Rosedale Neighborhood in Austin TX!! This list was created for and is moderated by the Rosedale Neighborhood Association (RNA). This mailing list is a community news and information service for non-commercial use only, with a focus on truly local issues. The mailing list is vital to the RNA as an emergency alert system, so the use policies are designed to avoid losing subscribers due to a large flow of spam, broad political debates, or commercial messages. The moderators actively moderate all messages. The only "for profit" messages allowed are announcements of neighborhood garage sales. The RNA sponsors a second list for all other neighborhood commercial announcements (e.g. to sell a car or baby clothes); subscribe directly with a message to ( ) or via the web site at This forum is restricted to matters that are distinctly local. To determine whether a post is appropriate, consider whether local residents can provide information or viewpoints that are MORE informed than other easily obtainable sources. For questions about a posting, check with the moderators at ( ). Good manners are expected in all postings. Use of profanity or abusive language are grounds for being banned. If a six-year-old can't read your email, we don't want it here. Flaming is always inappropriate. Anonymous email is generally unwelcome unless it is for the purpose of praising someone. In general, *always* put your name on messages to the mailing list. Messages should not be forwarded beyond the Rosedale list without asking permission of the original poster. For additional information about the Rosedale neighborhood and the RNA, visit our website at -------------------------------------------------
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    In late August / early September, several neighborhood residents participated in this study: texasCARES/ ( ) This subgroup will allow individuals to share their results and discuss the implications. The same general rules apply here as for the parent Rosedale list group.
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